The Premier Homes Team offers a rehab and refresh program to get your property in tip-top selling condition. 

We can help create a plan for upgrades and oversee the changes to the property to ensure quality work

and results that are up to market standards. 

What is the Rehab & Refresh Program?

The Premier Homes Team is pleased to announce our Exclusive Premier Homes Team Rehab and Refresh Program. This program is designed to sell a property faster and at a higher price by making most needed improvements with NO Out of Pocket Costs! We will help to tailor a specific plan for what repairs or improvements are needed and which ones have the greatest return on your investment. Our fast and easy program is an excellent way to have things like staging, new carpeting, painting, new hardwood floors or even a kitchen or bath remodel completed with no up-front cost to you!  

The Premier Homes Team will create a plan for upgrades and improvements as well as oversee the project to make sure the work is of good quality and up to market standards.  


 How does the Rehab & Refresh Program work

and what are the requirements?


  • We fund up to $25,000 in upgrades and changes with NO interest charged for 120 days from the date  the property is listed with the Premier Homes Team. 
  • Property must have at least twice the amount of equity (after Selling and other expenses) as the amount of the rehab and refresh investment.    
  • An additional 1/2% project management fee will be charged at closing.
  • Seller must have clear title to the property or the Personal Representative/Administrator must prove that the authority to sell the property has been established. – Premier Homes Team will order an Ownership and Encumbrance report (O&E Report) or Personal Representative will supply certified letters of appointment.
  • Interest at a rate of 9.99% per year will be charged on balances due beginning on day 120. Entire note balance due within one year of listing date. If the home takes more than 120 days to sell, the note will remain interest free as long as the listing is active with Premier Homes Team.
  • Seller to sign note and security deed for up to the estimate of the amount to be invested in rehab and repair at the outset of the upgrades and repairs.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  •  If Seller withdraws their listing, the balance Shall be due within 10 days of the withdrawal date.                                                   
  • Seller shall provide Premier Homes Team with before photos of the home, and sign a waiver allowing us to use these photos to market the home when projects are complete.

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